Thursday, June 19, 2014

Finish What She Started...

Since I started quilting I have fallen in love with the idea of making a twin sized holiday quilt, for each holiday and for both daughter! It may take my entire life time, but the girls can use them for their own children one day if it takes me longer than 18 years. (Which I'm sure it will ;)

I bought these 6 finished blocks from a vintage fabric shop on Etsy. They came from an Estate Sale!!
I like to imagine a little old lady sitting by a cozy fire sewing these blocks and drinking a hot cocoa. And they look like they were a lot of work so it breaks my heart to think that her project would never get I'm adopting this sweet little quilt! I hope wherever she is she's smiling knowing that it'll get finished and will hopefully be treasured by my girls for years to come!

 I think this pattern is called a Dresden plate and it was all beautifully hand sewn. There were six in the lot. I just love them...they are so sweet! And I'd never hand sew anything like this...I just don't have the skill or patience yet, so thank you little old lady for passing them along!

I brought the blocks to my local quilt shop to get some advice and see if I could find more vintage fabric because I'm still very much a novice when it comes to creating patterns and choosing fabrics. 
As it turns out Christmas time is not the time to buy Christmas's all gone by I went with solid colors to make a nine patch and it's taken me until now to get them together so perfect timing actually. 

The super fab owner of the shop helped me with the math of the project and told me to come back for more fabric once I finished up my nine patches and sashing.

This is what my blocks are looking like.

And when together it'll look something like this, with the cute little "Holly Buds" fabric as sashing.

Now...I have to admit I am totally NOT a perfectionist, but I'm willing to let this one below go...I don't think my mother would approve...she's definitely the perfectionist when it comes to quilting.

But this one is pretty embarrassing so it's getting ripped out.

I'm so guilty of rushing to get the project started that I'm pretty dangerous with the rotary cutter...I hate cutting fabric...that's my least favorite part..but I'm learning that it's oh so important later on!

Here are my lovely assistants Kitty and Cora! 

The nine patches are all completed, ironed, flat and fancy so I'm off to get that sashing done! 

Have you ever finished someone else quilt?  Seems like such a romantic notion to finish your grammy or auntie's project...I'd love to hear about it!